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28 November 2023
China (Hong Kong)
DesignMatch@大灣區創意之夜 | GBA Creative Night




跨領域、跨城市 1 對 1 品牌 X 專業設計師商業交流

DesignMatch@大灣區創意之夜是一個跨領域、跨城市的交流聚會。立即把握機會,與來自大灣區不同領域(如平面設計、產品設計、空間設計、時裝設計和媒體設計)的專業設計師及品牌代表 1 對 1 交流,探索合作機會,促進不同設計類別之間的分享,助您在大灣區建立聯繫、發掘商機和遇見潛在客戶。

立即登記,預約15分鐘的 1 對 1 商業交流,於11月28日下午3時半至8時半與其他參加者見面!   



  1. 登記及填寫你的檔案
    點按 "Register now" (立即登記),使用您的電子郵件、LinkedIn 或 Google 帳戶來註冊。填好您的個人檔案,讓其他人更瞭解您,有助您促成更多高品質的會面交流。
  2. 向另一位與會者發出會面邀請
    • 點按選單上的「參加者」,可以查看其他與會者。
    • 點按「要求會面」,查看可選擇的時段。
    • 選擇一個時段,然後點按「下一步」。寫下您的留言訊息,然後點按「發出邀請」。
    • 對方如接受您的邀請,您會收到通知。
    • 您也可以直接點按留言給與會者 。
  3. 管理您的會面安排
    • 您可以在選單上的「會面」中找到您的會面清單。已接受、待定和取消的會面都會列在這裡。
    • 「下一個會面」指所有已經確認的會面安排。會面地點和時間都會在這裡顯示出來。
    • 「收到的邀請」指其他與會者發給你的會面請求。您可以點按 「接受」來確認會面時間。
    • 「已發出的邀請」指你向其他與會者發出的會面請求,但對方尚未確認是否接受。


28 Nov 2023, 3:30pm - 8:30pm

3/F HKDC Sham Shui Po Design and Fashion Base, 270-286 Tung Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong   

Schedule your one-on-one meetings with designers and brands  

Connect with professional designers and brand representatives from various fields such as graphics, product, spatial, fashion design, and digital media in the Greater Bay Area. DesignMatch at GBA Creative Night is a cross-disciplinary and cross-city networking event where you can foster collaborations, exchange ideas, and create valuable connections. It's an excellent opportunity to grow your business and expand your network at GBA Creative Night.

Register now and schedule 15-minute one-on-one business exchanges to meet with other participants on 28 November 2023 from 3:30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.!

Both DesignMatch and GBA Creative Night are sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

Here is how:   

  1. Register and fill in your profile.
    Click the “Register now” and register using your email, Linkedin or Google account. Complete your profile, let others know more about you and generate more quality meetings.  
  2. Request a meeting with another attendee.
    • You can see other attendees by clicking “Participants” on the menu.  
    • Click “Request meeting” to view the available slots. 
    • Select a time slot, and click "Next". Write a message and click "Send request". 
    • You will be notified when your request is accepted. 
    • You can also message the attendee directly by clicking on .
  3. Manage your meetings.
    • You can find your list of meetings in “Meetings” on the menu. Accepted, pending and cancelled meetings are all listed here.
    • Under “Next meeting”, they are the confirmed meetings. The meeting location and schedule are shown.
    • Under “Received requests” are meeting requests other attendees sent you. Click “Accept” to confirm the meeting schedule.
    • Under “Sent requests” are the meeting requests you sent out but not yet confirmed by the other participant.   
Closed since 28 November 2023
Location 九龍深水埗通州街270-286號香港設計中心設計及時裝基地3樓 | 3/F HKDC Sham Shui Po Design and Fashion Base, 270-286 Tung Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong